Saturday, August 23, 2008

Survey: Two-thirds Asia Pacific people awaiting Olympics closing ceremony

About two-thirds of people across Asia Pacific are eagerly awaiting the closing ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, almost the same high anticipation as for the opening ceremony, according to a Visa survey released on Friday.

Of the 4,315 people from the region who said they would watch the Games, 63 percent said they would be watching the closing ceremony, said the survey conducted between March and April with 4,556 people from nine Asia Pacific countries and regions.

The opening ceremony was a resounding success, with an estimated four billion people tuning in to watch. The survey found the closing ceremony holds the same appeal.

People from countries and territories across the region are looking forward to the fanfare of the closing ceremony. It is the second most popular event at the Games for 87 percent of Malaysians and 78 percent of Indians, ranking even higher in popularity than other events and sports at the competition.

The final event of the Games is among the top three Olympic Games events for Australians , and Hong Kongers , and the fourth most popular event for Koreans , New Zealanders , and Singaporeans , showed the survey.

Source: Xinhua

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